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But while you are here check out our other ministries below.

Watersprings School
Partnering with Christian parents, Watersprings School utilizes a Godly foundation of love, truth and discipline to train our students spiritually, academically, physically and socially for a lifetime of glorifying and serving the Lord.
Discipleship School
We are a Specialized Training experience for equipping and enabling those who are called by God to launch out into a life of purpose and power.
Healed & Set Free
The Healed and Set Free Bible study takes a person on a 9-week journey to overcome past wounds, respond in wisdom when offended, and understand how to truly forgive.
Revelation Radio
Our Mission is to share the LOVE and Good News of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible with excellence and integrity. We currently serve up to 350,000 listeners across Southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming.
Watersprings Thrift
Watersprings Thrift Store is not just a Thrift Store, but a community brought together by God to shine His light to the world.
Greenhouse Coffee
We offer gourmet drinks & homemade treats in a peaceful, friendly environment.