This ministry serves to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to young men and women who have been incarcerated at the St. Anthony Juvenile Corrections Center. We conduct a main service the first Sunday of every month to teach the kids about God’s word and truth through verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible and topical lessons with biblical foundations and also lead a small group Bible study. The kids’ testimonies reveal broken hearts that have never been loved, guided or encouraged by parents or other family members. Our prayer and hope for these kids is that they experience God’s unconditional love and discover His beautiful plan for their lives.

We are always looking for servants who have a heart for the broken and lost kids of our community and want to make an incredible impact on changing their lives through God’s grace and love.

Volunteer Eligibility Requirements:
• Must be 21 years of age.
• U.S. Citizen
• Undergo a background check.

The overseer of the religious services for the Juvenile Correction Centers across the state of Idaho is 3Oaks Ministries. Their mission is a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to helping the hurting and broken by providing hope for the future through Christ in our communities and beyond.

Looking to join our team and want to serve in any of the following areas?
• Main service teacher
• Small group leaders
• Bible study leaders
• Worship leaders/team
• Greeters/support team
• Prayer warriors
• Reintegration team
• Fundraisers
• Healed and Set Free Leaders (boys and girls)
Please contact Shad Davis at sedavis6@yahoo.com or 208-360-7889.