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Meet Alipio Amaral

Alipio Amaral

Discipleship Pastor

Discipler and leader, living a life poured out for others, investing in the hearts that God has well prepared, a life that pleases the Lord, a life addicted to ministry, and a life spent building relationships with servants of God.

Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, in a single parent, Pentecostal home, I had come into a relationship with Jesus as early as I can remember.  At five years of age, I was hit by a speeding truck.  My skull was shattered, my tongue completely severed, my heart stopped, and my body was unconscious.  I was put on life support as I slipped into a coma, was paralyzed on my right side, and had a screw in my skull monitoring potential brain damage.  My mother was informed by doctors that I would be incapacitated permanently, and that she should, “Pull the plug.” However, my mother believed God had already healed me, and wildly out of context quoted Romans 4:17 to them, “Even God, who raises from the dead, and calls upon those things that are not as though they were.”  She waited nine days until I woke up and said with my tongue that had grown back, “God told me He wants me to tell people how He healed me.” Upon returning home, family life was focused on doing things God’s way and I was taught to “Read my Bible and pray and do it every day.”  By high school I had become a rebellious teen. I was involved in another 15 car accidents, none of which found me in the driver’s seat, but were more than enough to remind me that even in spite of my rebellion, God still had a plan for my life. A few years later, after a friend simply praised my self-centered behavior, I went home and rededicated my life to the Lord. In my next years I spent them at Applegate Christian Fellowship (Calvary Chapel) where I always knew that God had called and designed me for more than just the American dream and after much fasting and prayer, I decided to complete Bible College in Southern California and Europe.  

When I was on a mission trip to Serbia during Bible College, the Lord gave me the opportunity to share my testimony to a group of English-speaking Serbian students. I shared what the Lord had done in my life, shared the Gospel message clearly then invited them to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Hundreds of teenagers gave their lives to Christ and I did all that I could to ensure the legitimacy of their commitments. It was then that I knew I could not choose a life lived for myself but a life poured out for others to invest in hearts that God has well-prepared (Mark 4-5),  a life that pleases the Lord (Heb. 11), a life addicted to the ministry (1Cor. 16), a life spent building fulfilling relationships with servants in the church (Rom. 16), surrounding myself with men that keep me accountable (1 Chron. 10-12, Galatians 1:13-2:23, Joshua 5:1-8:35), propelling others out to set a great example for Jesus (3 John), ministering acceptance (John 3-4), growing in wisdom (Prov.10:14), and doing things God’s way rather than man’s.  So, I decided to interpret that as God reaffirming His call on my life. 

After finishing Bible College, being a part of four church plants, directing a 250-acre conference center in Brazil, I took on a low-key role at the church I am now a part of where I oversee the discipleship and training of new leaders, staff members, and volunteers; our Discipleship School, in addition to our outreach/missions ministry which includes a church plant in a neighboring city. My role includes overseeing the mentoring of nouthetic counselors in the church as well as leaders, teachers, and servants in the church body.

These last five years have allowed me the opportunity  to lead over 500 people to faith in Christ, and disciple over 60 people, some of whom are in roles of leadership as pastors and counselors, but most of whom are discipling, evangelizing, counselling, pastoring and planting in an unofficial capacity.  God has been incredibly generous to me, and I seek to maximize the gifts He has given me for His glory.