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Meet Corey Wadsworth

Audio/Video Engineer

Sound-guru, creative-mixer with an ear to express artistic vision through sound.

I was born in a rural town in Idaho, working and living on a small family owned dairy farm. At a young age, I understood and believed in the Lord’s calling for me to be a sound engineer – telling people at age six that I just wanted to push as many buttons as I could.

At age twelve, I began to work towards opening a professional recording studio, starting with recording songs written by my Dad. While the studio opened in 1990, I went to audio engineering school in 1995 and after I traveled across the country doing sound for major groups and events.

In 2012, the Lord prompted me to join the staff at Watersprings as their technical director and have been working there for the last eight years. Outside of Watersprings, I paint and work on cars in a professional small business and in 1998, picked up competitive boxing, but began to recognize it as a powerful ministry to teach people both self-discipline and the process of learning how to overcome our fears and insecurities.