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Our Official Film Trailers

You can pick up a DVD in the church lobby at the Media Center.

No one was prepared for the mysterious pandemic that decimated the world population and threw life as we knew it into chaos. With more and more dying every day, and no resources or time to find a cure, the nations and kingdoms soon vanished into obscurity as warlords of every evil imaginable rose to power. Taking advantage of what little remained, they oppressed and enslaved the survivors, each self-declared tyrant seeking to rule while fighting one another for supremacy. The lucky ones who escaped capture, wars, and sickness now wander alone, carrying their grief and sorrow, looking for an ever elusive and diminishing hope. But hope always exists, even for those who are not looking for it.

When a new parenting book for moms starts making the rounds Sam is given a copy by a friend. She imagines great things for herself and family as she seeks to be the perfect mom. Of course, reality of raising four children looks much different than what she finds in its pages. As a rough day quickly gets worse in an overwhelming downward spiral and with her faith and family coming apart, where will her expectations for herself, and family lead her? A comedic and touching look at what it truly means to be the perfect mom.