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Meet Gordon Boyle

Assistant Pastor

Rancher, welder, and teacher of God’s mighty Word. Faithful servant using my God-given talents to serve Him.

My family came into this valley in about 1890. The family has lived in some capacity on the “Home Ranch” property near Tautphaus Park since that time. My wife Roxanne and I live in a subdivision in the center of Idaho Falls on the old Ranch property to this day. The Teton Flood of 1976 completely covered the Boyle Ranch near the Menan Butte. Life would never be the same again. I drove off the Ranch that day to help with Search and Rescue in Rexburg and never returned to my house. That summer then led me into a full-time Deputy Sheriff position with Bonneville County that would last for 24 years. Part way through my career I received Christ as my Savior.

I resigned from Law Enforcement to accept a position with Watersprings, then known as Calvary Chapel. That was over twenty years ago. Whether a welding project or teaching a Bible study the Lord is faithful to use all the talents that I have been given to serve Him. It is not unusual to see my wife Roxanne and I of 43 years both serving around the Church. Mixing the wisdom of Christ from His Word with all the years seems to result in a steady counseling schedule for both my wife Roxanne and me. I believe it is a real blessing to be able to come along side of Pastor Ty and the awesome Watersprings team who work hard to bring as many folks to Christ as He brings into the Fellowship.