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Meet Justin Wilson


Worship-leading, guitar-playing, singer at heart, servant of God who loves doing what I can for the Kingdom of God. 

I was born into a Christian home and raised in Southern California. Though committing my life to Christ at a very young age, I never really chose to walk in that commitment. In high school, my friends and I were not the bad kids, but we definitely were not the good ones. I was claiming to represent Christ, unlike my friends who never actually staked that claim. Things began to change when I was at a senior retreat when God audibly told me to go to Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) in Yucca Valley, California, where I grew up. While I was at CBI I began to realize just how messed up of a person I was. I knew CBI was meant to raise up future leaders of churches across the globe, but I began to feel that there was no way that God would ever want to use me. During my time at CBI, God proved just how wrong I was and how He was shaping me to be equipped for whatever God’s plan was. After graduating from CBI, God called me away from everything I had ever known to start afresh in Idaho Falls, Idaho at Watersprings Church as a janitor and the youth worship leader. I have been glorifying God at Watersprings since June 2019, whether it be singing and playing guitar or scrubbing toilets.