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Meet Kaitlyn Tingler

Kaitlyn Tingler


Hair loving, country dancin’, outdoor adventurer who loves serving Jesus and leading people to Him.

I grew up in a Christian home and have known Jesus my whole life. I was born in San Diego, California on a military base and lived in other parts of California until 2007. My family moved to Rigby, Idaho in 2008 where we have been since. I claimed to be Christian, but hung out with the wrong crowd of “friends.” In late 2019, I felt a tiny call from God to come back. I rededicated my life and started to follow God’s will and went back to church, joined the worship team and started working for the church.

I love hiking, traveling and just about everything to do with the outdoors. I also really love animals and have a soft spot for them. In everything I do; I want to glorify God when I do it. I’m excited to reach out to people and see where God takes me.