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Meet Michael Fujimoto

Greenhouse coffee & Thrift Store Manager

Outdoor enthusiast who loves Jesus and serving others.

I grew up in a Christian home and I have known the Lord my whole life. 

I pursued a degree in business administration from the University of Wyoming and completed it in 2014. After graduating I worked in the hotel industry for four years. After college I rededicated my life to pursuing Jesus. 

After moving locations and jobs frequently seeking God’s will, I settled down in Idaho Falls in 2018 to minister at Old Faithful Christian Ranch. I transitioned to Watersprings in late 2019 to continue my ministry of service.  I also serve on the servants team, and several small groups at the church.

I also enjoy learning new trades and skills such as building, electrical, plumbing and using those skills for further the kingdom. 

In my free time I enjoy shooting, hiking, and being outdoors as much as I possibly can during the summer months. If I am not outdoors you would normally find me fellowshipping with others!