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Meet Ryan Fugh

Ryan Fugh

Maintenance & Custodial

Loyal, horse loving poet and animal lover who loves his family and serving the Lord whenever possible.

I was born in Redlanda, California and lived there for 14 years before my family moved to Idaho. During high school I got involved in Youth Ministry and now get to help students have a better relationship with God. I met my soon to be wife Nadia at youth group in 2016 and we started dating in 2019.

I was riding in the back of my moms car from my grandma’s house, I was felt let by the Spirit to accept Jesus that night at the age of four. It is my earlies memory that I am able to recollect.

In my spare time when I am not working at Watersprings, I enjoy riding horses, helping my family and spending quality time with my soon to be wife and serving in any capacity I can.