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Meet Ty Orr

Pastor Ty Orr

Lead Pastor

Musician, chief artisan, teacher and lead pastor, serving our Jesus Family every day. My motivating force is my unquenchable passion to know God, understand His Word, and love God’s people.

I am humbled and blessed every day to serve our Jesus Family as the lead pastor and chief artisan of Watersprings Church. Serving as the teaching pastor of Watersprings Church, overseer of Apply the Word Radio, TV Ministries, I also serve as the superintendent of Watersprings Schools, president of TheREV radio network, and an executive producer for Watersprings Media and Watersprings Music. Serving as one of the worship musicians and leaders of the church has always been part of my calling and gifting.

Every new day until the return of Christ is a gift from Heaven and I get up looking forward to the adventure that is a life in service to Christ. I’m often humbled and desperate for more of Jesus in this service of Him as a servant leader and artisan. I love to teach God’s Word in a lively and dynamic way, seeking to be approachable, and humorous desiring to put everyone at ease as I drive home the simple, yet powerful, teaching of God’s Word. As a musician I live out a lifestyle of worship in my personal devotions and through the writing and production of new music for the Body of Christ.

To read my full bio please visit tyorr.com.